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Facility Guide

Mini Cable Car Platform

The station building is two stories above ground.
The Mini Cable Car platform is within the building, providing easy connections from the Ropeway.
The cable car runs through tunnels and forests to the peak.
ScheduleFor Mini Cable Car schedules, please see the PDFs below.
Mini Cable Car Operation Schedule (Green Season)
Mini Cable Car Operation Schedule (Winter Season)

The Mini Cable Car Runs through Forests

Enjoy distinct scenery in winter and summer.
The Mini Cable Car is fondly known by its nickname, ‘Morris Car’.

The two connected cabins of the ‘Morris Car’ run between Chufuku Station and Sancho Station. At Chufuku Station, passengers disembark from the Ropeway and transfer to the Mini Cable Car, reaching the peak in about two minutes.

This Swiss-made transit system is designed to heighten the sense of experiencing the forest. You are sure to enjoy the sensation of running through the trees.

Facility Overview
Operating Interval
15 minutes
Maximum 60 (30 people × 2 cabins)
Trip Duration
About 2 minutes
About 230 meters
12.6 km/h