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Star Hall

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Featured in Hokkaido! ‘Super Planetarium’ by Takayuki Ohira

The Star Hall ceiling features a dome 6 meters in diameter, filled with a vast starscape.
Planetarium Creator
Takayuki Ohira

The Worldwide Pinnacle of Super Planetariums

MEGASTAR is the most realistic artificial starscape ever created by humanity. Star Hall’s planetarium system was personally developed by Takayuki Ohira, and is Hokkaido’s first MEGASTAR facility.
Traditional planetariums are capable of displaying 6th to 7th magnitude stars, projecting some 6,000 to 30,000 celestial stars. MEGASTAR-IIB projects 5 million stars, eclipsing traditional methods. Even stars too small for the human eye to discern are faithfully recreated one by one, lending a profound depth and breadth to the ultra-realistic projection.