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Mt. Moiwa Ski Lodge

Mt. Moiwa Ski Lodge serves our visitors with a wide lineup of rental items and an extensive food menu. Our ski lodge is accommodates large groups in comfort and convenience.

Rental Ski Prices

Ages 13 and Above

3 Hours5 Hours7 HoursAdditional HourNighter 16 (from 16:00)Nighter 18 (from 18:00)
■Ski Set (Skis, Boots, Poles)¥4,100¥4,500¥4,900¥400¥4,100¥3,700
■Ski Wear Set (includes Hat, Gloves)¥3,500¥3,900¥4,100¥400¥3,500¥3,200
■Ski Wear (Top or Bottom)¥2,000¥2,100¥2,200¥200¥2,000¥1,700
■Fun Ski Set¥4,300¥4,700¥5,100¥400¥4,300¥4,000
■Fun Skis (Short Carving Skis)¥3,300¥3,500¥3,700¥300¥3,300¥3,200

Ages 12 and Under

3 Hours5 Hours7 HoursAdditional HourNighter 16 (from 16:00)Nighter 18 (from 18:00)
■Ski Set (Skis, Boots, Poles)¥2,600¥3,000¥3,200¥300¥2,600¥2,300
■Ski Wear Set (includes Hat, Gloves)¥2,400¥2,700¥3,000¥300¥2,400¥2,100
■Ski Wear (Top or Bottom)¥1,600¥1,700¥1,800¥200¥1,600¥1,400

Common Prices

■Accessories (Hat, Gloves, Goggles)¥500 each
■Sled¥500 per Rental

Last Rental Return Time 21:00

* Ski Wear Set includes gloves and hat.
* Fun Skis and Fun Ski Sets are the same price for ‘Ages 13 and Above’ or ‘Ages 12 and Under’
* Ski lengths of 80 – 180 cm are available.
* Boot sizes of 16 – 30 cm are available.
* Ski wear sizes are available to suit users of height 100 – 185 cm.
* Reservations are not available.
* Please note that effective December 2019, prices (except Accessories and Sleds) have been increased by 100 yen each due to the increase in consumption tax rate. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Rental Hours

■ Weekday9:00 – 21:30
■ Weekend, Holidays,
and Winter Holiday Period
8:30 – 21:30
■ December 31st8:30 – 15:30

Boot Dryer

■ Single Use¥100Cash
Ticket Pack¥1,00011 Uses


■ Hot Wax (Base)¥1,500 (leave your skis with the staff)

Ski Lockers

Day Use¥300
1 Night 2 Days (from 8:00 pm)¥300
1 Night 2 Days (from 3:00 pm)¥400
3 Days or Less ¥800
5 Days or Less ¥1,200
10 Days or Less ¥2,000
30 Days or Less ¥4,500
Feb – Season End¥6,500
All Season¥9,000
Extension (Per Day)¥300

Parking Lot

450 Vehicles, Free Parking Daily

How to Access Mt. Moiwa Ski Resort

Ski rentals are only available at the north slope lodge.

By Private Car
◎National Route 230 → Minami 36-jo Intersection → North Slope Parking Lot (below No. 1 Lift)
By Taxi
About 7 km from Subway Makomanai Station or Sumikawa Station. Takes about 10 minutes. Approximate fare ¥1,500.
A seasonal Mt. Moiwa Ski Bus is available from Subway Makomanai Station. For details, please call 011-581-0914 (during ski season).


Mt. Moiwa Ski Lodge (North Slope)

Moiwashita 1991, Minami-ku, Sapporo
Tel / Fax: 011-581-1743

* For details such as hours and course conditions, please visit the Mt. Moiwa Ski Resort Website by clicking the banner to the right.