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What time is the final ropeway?

The final uphill ropeway to the Peak Observation Deck departs at 21:30. For further details, please see here.

How much does it cost?

A round-trip ticket between the Mountain Base and Peak is ¥2,100 per adult, or ¥1,050 per child. We also offer special prices such as Sapporo citizen discounts and senior discounts. For further details, please see here.

Can I purchase lift tickets in advance?

We do not offer advance lift ticket sales. Please purchase your tickets on the day of use at the ticket counters on site. For further details, please see here.

How do I get to the Ropeway boarding point?

Take the Sapporo City Streetcar from Nishi 4-chome Stop to Ropeway Iriguchi Stop. Here, you will see a bus stop for the Free Shuttle Bus, which is about a two minute ride to the Ropeway. You may also walk from Ropeway Iriguchi Streetcar Stop, which takes about eight minutes on foot. For other ways to access the Mt. Moiwa Ropeway, please see here.

Is parking available?

We offer free parking for 120 vehicles at the Ropeway boarding point (Sanroku Station).

How do I get to the peak?

To reach the peak via our lift system, take the Ropeway from Sanroku Station to Chufuku Station, then transfer to the Mini Cable Car, which will take you to the peak.
For other ways to reach the peak, please see here.

Is the Peak Observation Deck accessible in a wheelchair?

Yes. All of our facilities offer barrier-free access, so that wheelchair users may ascend to the peak.

Are there any souvenir shops or restaurants?

There is a souvenir shop at Chufuku Station, and a restaurant with take-out corner at Sancho Station. For hours and further information, please see here.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are allowed on the site, however, we request that pets are kept inside a pet carrier which completely hides the pet (including the pet’s head and face) when visiting on-site facilities (including the Peak Observation Deck) or when using any of the lifts. When outdoors, you may take your pet out of its carrier, but please be certain to always use a leash.
We ask for your kind understanding that pets are not allowed inside the restaurant.

Can I pay by credit card?

We accept credit cards, however, payments can only be processed as a single transaction. (It is not possible to split payments over multiple months.)